Every work experience is an invaluable opportunity for me to contribute creatively and grow as a person.

Stylo Industries

Business Development And Marketing Intern

Jan 2018 - Feb 2018

This fashion-technology startup unfortunately decided to call it quits in the end but I must say I left with so many valuable lessons. Conducting product and market validation through on-the-ground research and interviews helped me hone the art of gathering feedback. This feedback was vital in iterating our product as we went through rounds of ideating and testing. However, we soon realised that the product was not solving a pressing problem in the industry and the founders decided to pivot and do other things. I learnt about the importance of product validation in the market through A/B testing and rapid prototyping and that sometimes giving up is more courageous than holding on when there's nothing more to hold on to. I truly treasured my experience here as I was able to work on the product - the heart of the company. And it has inspired me (ironically) to hold on to my dream of starting my own company because the risk is worth taking.

NUS Business Analytics Centre

Marketing and Communications Assistant​

August 2017 - Jan 2018

While studying, I also honed my skills in filming, editing and video production through producing corporate and event videos for NUS Business Analytics Centre that manages the Masters of Business Analytics. Through careful tailoring of marketing collaterals and event coverage articles, I learnt to create a brand identity for a subsidiary of National University of Singapore (which is especially tricky as it cannot overshadow the "parent brand" yet needs its own voice). Furthermore, to create a unified voice for the centre, I developed a set of brand guidelines, branding templates and design guidelines, refining the brand image of the centre. With a branding direction set in place, the centre can continue developing brand content without me and become a sustainable brand. Having developed such a system has intrigued my interest in creating robust systems and processes. 

Loshberry Code Studio

Growth Hacking And Marketing Intern

May 2017 - July 2017

Working at this young startup that provides programming classes to children was a life-changing experience. This was my first taste of working at a startup and I was truly transformed. I worked closely with the bosses to push out various social media campaigns and the most valuable takeaway was that for anything to succeed, do not be afraid to take risks. Although having no experience in video production, I single-handedly produced an original video series about Ozobot (a robot they use in class). It gained significant attention, including from the company ‘Ozobot’ (manufacturer of the robots based in the US HQ), and contributed to the doubling of social media followers. By managing the company's blog website, I was introduced to the wonders of technology as I wrote articles about programming, technology and the future.​ I was also given the opportunity to improve the UI/UX of the website through analysis of web traffic behaviour, customer reviews and A/B testing.


Graphic Design And Marketing Attachment

May 2017 - August 2017

I was given a valuable opportunity to shadow a fashion designer and assisted her with increasing her brand's awareness. Directing and organizing a fashion shoot was truly not easy, but it all paid off when the shoot was a success and all the parties were satisfied. Revamping the website banner taught me that maintaining brand identity is crucial when differentiating oneself in the market. Besides developing marketing materials for publicity campaigns, I also managed and provided photo coverage of various POP-UP stores. I learnt that as a young startup, it is important to seize every opportunity as you never know who might notice you and want to collaborate.

AS Louken

Marketing Intern

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014

This branding agency was where the spark for branding first ignited in me. I learnt that it is important to always put the client's requirements first when I pitched potential names for the client Shinnorie, a company developing a self-filtering water bottle. Moreover, the secondary research, transcribing of interviews, testing of surveys and on the ground market survey conducted for the client Bonia, a handbag company, taught me ​that research and testing are of utmost importance when developing a product or shaping brand identity. My supervisor further entrusted me with presentation decks for client meetings and pitchings which taught me ​how to sell our ideas to clients through clean and clear presentations.


Part-Time Sales Associate

Nov 2011 - Dec 2011

Goodybooks is a local publishing author. After being introduced to the current system, I started off by identifying suitable marketing strategies and brainstorm promotional ideas to improve sales. The execution taught me a valuable lesson as nothing may go as planned so it is important to always be able to adapt. ​Overall, I managed to increase sales by 20% and brought home sales strategies that worked and things that could be improved.

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